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Grassroots Labs is an online market place for lab testing. We connect you directly with national laboratories to get the testing you need while pursuing your wellness care, but at a fraction of the cost you pay elsewhere.

The Nutrition and Wellness Center would like to welcome you to Grassroots Labs. You will be following the directions provided here of how to prepare for the draw, how to pay for the labs, and how to receive the results. Each time you order your labs, it will be your responsibility to let them know you want the results to be sent to The Nutrition and Wellness Center.

May you be filled with Abundant Wellness in all areas of your life, including your blood labs.

Blood Tests Are Expensive. We Fix That.

Here's How It Works

Check out the panels below or search for your lab tests on our website. Add them to your cart, register for an account, checkout, and get your order confirmation emailed to you.

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Visit a Local Testing Center

Search by zip code to find the closest Test Centers to you. Take your printed requisition to one of our approved lab locations at your convenience to have your tests performed.

Share Results with TNAWC

Most test results are available within 5-7 business days and stored securely in your account on Grassroots Labs. Send your results to TNAWC via the "Share" feature in your account profile on Grassroots Labs using the following email:

Use Promo Code: tnawc224 for an extra 10% off your order!

Visiting the Testing Center

Just download your lab order after checking out and visit your nearest approved testing center.

Want to Schedule an Appointment at the Testing Center?

You are not required to have an appointment for most testing when visiting the test center, but if you would like one, click below to visit our lab vendor, Quest Diagnostic's website to schedule an appointment.

Blood Tests Are Expensive. We Fix That.

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Blood Tests Are Expensive. We Fix That.